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Looking for a simple ‘web presence’ or a full product and functional eCommerce website? We can get you online.

Depending on your requirements, we have several platforms we develop on. All our sites are built on Content Management Systems (CMS), meaning once the site is handed over, you have the ability to manage and alter the content displayed.

Just as importantly for your business, we connect your site to Google Analytics. This is standard on all our website projects. By utilising our ongoing monthly visit reports, you’ll know how your website is performing for you and where to tweak your content based on what your visitors are looking for.

Our Tools

  • Wordpress

    For the smaller to medium businesses looking for a marketing/information style site, Wordpress is your answer. Utilising a free and open source platform helps keep the total cost of your project down. More than just blogging software, it is a solid, mature and easy to use CMS that allows us to rapidly develop your site whilst giving you the power to alter the text & images displayed.

    Wordpress is great for blogging, presenting photo galleries, news posts and text/image content pages.

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  • Umbraco CMS

    For the larger, more functional sites, we utilise robust .Net based CMS platforms to base your site on. We use this when you need your site to start 'doing things' for you. For example, a google maps store location finder, product registration database, detailed product listings, document knowledgeable, live promotions and data collection.

    The possibilities are endless. If your need something particular to your business or industry, we can build an add-on to suit the purpose.

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