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Client: Barcode Datalink

The STS product is a hosted warehouse inventory system that provides web based browser and mobile scanner device interfaces for warehouse staff to easily scan & track all goods within their storage. All consignments and orders are tracked along with current stock levels in your warehouse(s).

DWS was selected by Barcode Datalink to be responsible for the initial build of the web based interface of this unique “Software as a Service” offering.

In order to allow automated communication with 3rd party websites, an API functional layer was built into the system to allow for the placement of new orders, new items, remote stock level checking and more. This is particularly useful for 3PL type customers of Barcode Datalink that need to interface with multiple client online stores and systems. This was secured by application level user accounts, security tokens, white & black listed network addresses, SSL certificates and an application log for auditablility.

The total project length for the initial build was approximately 5 months and DWS is still involved with the system now in a support & improvement capacity.