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Client: Hitachi Power Tools Australia

DWS was selected to build a promotional website for a long term promotion run by Hitachi Power Tools Australia in 2012. The purpose of the promotion and website was to provide a facility for customers to register their new product purchases and redeem bonus parts as a result.

The visual design of the site was prepared by a 3rd party design firm and DWS was assigned to make the design interactive and functional with the database. This included a management section within their existing website CMS to allow staff to approve and manage the promotional data and product redemption collected.

The promotion and site was live for approximately 6 months and collected thousands of consumer redemptions. As the promotion has ended, the site has now been removed.

DWS was able to build the site to Hitachi Power Tools Australia requirements within 2 months ensuring it was ready for the start of the promotion. The site has provided Hitachi Power Tools Australia an organised and auditable approach to manage the redemption process and saved the organisation substantial man hours in the process.